Wellness Resources for UAE Students to study in Italy

Study in Italy is a transformative experience, but it comes with its unique set of challenges, particularly in maintaining mental well-being. For UAE students to study in Italy, understanding and accessing wellness resources is essential for a balanced and fulfilling academic journey. In this guide, we’ll explore the mental health landscape for UAE students in Italy, providing a comprehensive “mental map” of available resources.

1. University Counseling Services to study in Italy

1.1 Individual Counseling Sessions

Most Italian universities offer counseling services for students. Schedule one-on-one sessions with trained counselors to discuss academic stress, personal challenges, or any mental health concerns.

1.2 Workshops and Support Groups

Explore workshops and support groups organized by university counseling services. These can address specific issues like stress management, cultural adjustment, and building resilience.

2. Local Mental Health Organizations

2.1 Contacting Local Support

Familiarize yourself with local mental health organizations to study in Italy. These organizations often provide resources, helplines, and information about mental health services available in the region.

2.2 Language-Specific Support

Look for organizations offering support in both English and Italian, ensuring language is not a barrier when seeking assistance for mental health concerns.

3. Teletherapy Services

3.1 Online Counseling Platforms

Explore teletherapy services that offer online counseling sessions. This can be particularly beneficial for UAE students who prefer counseling in their native language.

3.2 24/7 Helplines

Note down mental health helplines that operate 24/7. Having access to immediate support can be crucial during moments of emotional distress.

4. Community and Recreational Programs

4.1 Joining Recreational Groups

Engage in community and recreational programs organized by universities or local communities. Participating in activities you enjoy can positively impact your mental well-being.

4.2 Sports and Fitness Classes

Regular exercise is linked to improved mental health. Look for sports and fitness classes available on or near your university campus to stay active and boost your mood.

5. International Student Support Services

5.1 Connecting with International Offices

Reach out to the international student support services at your university. They can provide guidance on cultural adjustment, academic challenges, and mental health resources specifically tailored to international students.

5.2 Peer Support Programs

Some universities have peer support programs where experienced students offer guidance and support to newcomers. Connecting with peers who understand the challenges of studying abroad can be reassuring.

6. Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques

6.1 Mindfulness Workshops

Attend mindfulness workshops that teach techniques for relaxation and stress reduction. These skills can be invaluable in managing the pressures of academic life.

6.2 Wellness Apps

Explore wellness apps that offer guided meditation, breathing exercises, and mindfulness practices. These apps can be convenient tools for daily mental health maintenance.

7. Accessing Academic Support

7.1 Tutoring and Study Groups

Academic challenges can contribute to stress. Seek out tutoring services and join study groups to ensure you have the academic support needed for success.

7.2 Time Management Workshops

Participate in time management workshops to effectively balance academic and personal responsibilities. Efficient time management can reduce stress and anxiety.

8. Understanding Health Insurance Coverage

8.1 Reviewing Insurance Policies

Understand your health insurance coverage. Be aware of the mental health services covered by your insurance policy to make informed decisions about seeking professional help.

8.2 Accessing Medical Facilities

Know the location of medical facilities covered by your insurance. In case of urgent mental health needs, having this information readily available is crucial.

9. Building a Supportive Social Network

9.1 Cultivating Friendships

Build a supportive social network with fellow students, both from your home country and internationally. Having a strong social support system is integral to mental well-being.

9.2 Attending Social Events

Participate in social events organized by your university or community. Connecting with others and engaging in social activities fosters a sense of belonging.

10. Creating Personal Coping Strategies

10.1 Identifying Coping Mechanisms

Explore personal coping strategies that work for you. Whether it’s journaling, art, or spending time in nature, having go-to activities for self-care is essential.


Navigating mental health resources as a UAE student in Italy involves creating a comprehensive “mental map” of available support systems. From university counseling services to local organizations, recreational programs, and personal coping strategies, there’s a wealth of resources to promote mental well-being. Remember that seeking help is a sign of strength, and by proactively addressing your mental health needs, you enhance your ability to thrive academically and personally during your time in Italy.

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