Visit to Japan Visa Photo Guidelines for UAE Applicants

When applying for a visit to Japan visa from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), one of the critical elements to pay attention to is the visa photo. Japan has specific guidelines for visa photos to ensure accuracy and compliance with their requirements. In this guide, we will provide UAE applicants with comprehensive Japan visa photo guidelines to ensure a smooth and successful application process for visit to Japan.

Understanding Visa Photo Requirements for visit to Japan

  1. Photo Size and Dimensions:
    • The standard size for Japan visa photos is 4.5 x 4.5 cm (approximately 2 x 2 inches).
    • The photo should have a clear, high-resolution print, with no pixelation or blurriness.
  2. Color and Background:
    • The background should be plain white and free from patterns or shadows.
    • The photo must be in color, with the subject’s face clearly visible.
    • Avoid wearing white or light-colored clothing that blends with the background.
  3. Facial Expression and Position:
    • The subject should maintain a neutral facial expression with both eyes open.
    • The head should be positioned directly facing the camera, ensuring that the face takes up a significant portion of the frame.
    • Avoid tilting or turning the head, and keep the face centered within the photo.
  4. Attire:
    • Dress conservatively and avoid clothing with patterns or excessive accessories.
    • Religious headwear is permitted as long as it does not obscure the facial features.
  5. Glasses and Headgear:
    • If wearing glasses, ensure there is no glare or reflections on the lenses, and the eyes are fully visible.
    • Remove headgear unless it is worn for religious or medical reasons. In such cases, ensure that it does not cast shadows on the face.
  6. Expression and Background:
    • Maintain a neutral facial expression with both eyes open.
    • The background should be plain white and free from patterns or shadows.

Photo Preparation Tips for UAE Applicants:

  1. Choose a Professional Photographer:
    • Opt for a professional photographer experienced in capturing visa photos according to Japan’s guidelines.
  2. Print Multiple Copies:
    • It is advisable to print multiple copies of the photo as they may be required for various stages of the visa application process.
  3. Digital Submission:
    • Some visa applications may allow for digital submission of photos. Ensure that the digital photo meets the specified resolution and format requirements.
  4. Verify Specific Requirements:
    • Double-check the specific visa requirements for your chosen visa category, as different visas may have nuanced photo guidelines.
  5. Keep the Photo Recent:
    • Ensure that the photo is recent and reflects your current appearance to avoid any discrepancies during the application process.


Adhering to Japan’s visa photo guidelines is essential for a successful visa application from the UAE. By following the specified size, dimensions, and composition, applicants can minimize the risk of delays or complications in the processing of their visa. Remember, the visa photo is a crucial component of your application, and meticulous attention to detail will contribute to a smooth and successful Japan visa application experience.

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