Perks and Discounts for International Students in Austria

study in Austria

International students studying in Austria have access to a variety of perks and discounts that can significantly ease the financial burden of living and studying abroad. From discounted transportation to reduced fees for cultural events, Austria offers numerous benefits to enhance the student experience.

Here’s a concise overview of the key perks and discounts available to international students in Austria:

1. Student ID Card: Upon enrollment at a recognized Austrian university, international students are issued a student ID card. This card serves as a gateway to various discounts and benefits across the country. It not only confirms your status as a student but also grants access to numerous student discounts.

2. Reduced Public Transportation Fees: One of the most valuable perks for international students in Austria is the significantly reduced public transportation fees. With your student ID card, you can enjoy discounted fares on buses, trams, trains, and other modes of public transportation throughout Austria. This makes it easier and more affordable for students to explore the country and commute to campus.

3. Student Housing Benefits: Many universities in Austria offer student housing or assistance in finding accommodation. International students may benefit from subsidized housing options or preferential rates in university dormitories, helping to alleviate accommodation expenses.

4. Discounts on Cultural Events and Activities: Austria boasts a rich cultural heritage, with numerous museums, galleries, theaters, and concerts to explore. International students can enjoy discounted or even free admission to many cultural events and attractions by presenting their student ID card. This provides an excellent opportunity to immerse oneself in Austrian culture without breaking the bank.

5. Student Restaurants and Cafeterias: University cafeterias and student restaurants offer affordable meals for students, including international students. These establishments often provide nutritious meals at subsidized prices, making it easier for students to maintain a balanced diet on a budget.

6. Student Discounts at Shops and Services: Many shops, restaurants, and service providers in Austria offer exclusive discounts to students. By presenting your student ID card, you can enjoy savings on clothing, electronics, groceries, and more. This helps international students stretch their budgets further and make the most of their time in Austria.

7. Health Insurance Benefits: International students in Austria are required to have health insurance coverage. Fortunately, many universities offer affordable health insurance plans tailored specifically to the needs of students. These plans typically provide comprehensive coverage at competitive rates, ensuring that students have access to quality healthcare services during their stay in Austria.


International students in Austria are entitled to a range of perks and discounts that can enhance their academic experience and quality of life. From reduced transportation fees to discounted cultural activities, these benefits make studying in Austria more accessible and enjoyable for students from around the world. By taking advantage of these opportunities, international students can make the most of their time in Austria while managing their expenses effectively.

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