Finding a Job in Austria for International Students

jobs in austria

Austria is a great place for international students because it has good schools and beautiful places to see. If you’re studying there, you might want to find a job too. Here’s how you can find work in Austria as an international student.

Rules for Working

If you’re from another European country, you can work in Austria without needing special permission. But if you’re from outside Europe, you can work up to 20 hours a week while studying. You need a special paper called a work permit, and usually, your boss has to help you get it.

Types of Jobs You Can Do

Part-time Jobs

Many students work part-time jobs. You could work in a store, café, or restaurant. You don’t always need to know German for these jobs, but it helps. You can also help other students as a tutor if you’re good at a subject.


Internships are short-term jobs where you learn about working in a particular field. They can be a good way to get experience and might help you find a full-time job later. Some internships pay, but not all do.

Jobs After Graduation

After you finish your studies, you might want to stay in Austria to work. You can apply for a special visa that lets you stay and look for a job. If you went to school in Austria, it’s easier to find a job, especially if you speak German.

How to Find a Job

  • Learn German: Knowing the local language makes it easier to find a job.
  • Ask at School: Your school might have a job board or know about job fairs.
  • Look Online: There are websites like Karriere. at and Monster. at where you can find job listings.
  • Network: Meeting people and making friends can help you find a job. Sites like LinkedIn can be good for networking.

Understanding Austrian Work Culture

When you work in Austria, remember that it’s important to be on time and act professionally. In Austria, work and personal life are usually kept separate.


Working while studying in Austria can be a great experience. It can help you meet new people, learn new skills, and even make some money. Just remember the rules about working, try to learn some German, and be professional in your job. Good luck!

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